Our wood-grabs models covers a wide range of applications

The HOBBY made in FE510 is sold in kit,
completed with Baltrotors rotor (written with logo) GR10 and is suitable for mounting on mini excavators up to a maximum weight of 1.5 tons.Going up the range, we offer the

TM wood-grabs series. This equipment is suitable to be applied on mini and midi excavators from 1.5 ton to 5 ton. They are made in two different types of material: FE510 and IMEX700 anti-wear material.

The following step is represented by the models of the TMR series for applications on midi excavators and excavators up to 13 tons. All models of the TMR series are not made of FE510, but only of IMEX700 and DOMEX, the latter only on the claws of the open toe versions.

For particularly heavy-duty the TM and
TMR series are also made in a reinforced version, with the application of additional reinforcements on the teeth of the claws. The reinforced version is made exclusively in IMEX700.

This type, available on the TM and TMR
series, was created to meet the needs of those operators who need to produce wood chips. The open toe series presents the use of the IMEX700 for the production of the body, while to remedy the lack of blades at the tip of the claws, the latter are made of DOMEX and reinforced.

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