The hydraulic clamshell bucket is an equipment composed of two synchronized shells, moved by an hydraulic cylinder.

Our hydraulic clamshell buckets are mounted on truck or fixed cranes, forestry cranes, on mini telescopic articulated loaders, on wheels or crawler excavators, self-propelled excavators.

The clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder series BOTLM are ideals for loading and unloading bulk different materials and are used also for woodchips.

The BOTLMR series is very similar to the BOTLM, the difference consists in the removable side-walls, that can be taken on and off very easily just with some bolts, we receive a lots of requests for those from who needs to loading waste and for green areas maintenance.

Models BOTL are clamshell buckets with horizontal cylinder with a large opening and big capacity, ideals for factories that use it every day in a heavy way. Blades are made of steel in wear-resistant material and are already set up for teeth to be mounted on request.

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