he Hydraulic polyp-grabis an equipment made with 3/4/5/6 teeth, all of them with independent and synchronized movements, every one of them is actioned by a oleo-dynamic cylinder. Our hydraulic polyp-grabs are meant for trucks or fixed cranes, Z-collapsible truck cranes, mini telescopic articulated loaders, wheels or crawler excavators, self-propelled excavators.

Hydraulic polyp grab PLOT model is born for firewood handling.

The hydraulic polyp-grab POT model is an equipment with horizontal cylinders, used for waste and different materials handling.

POT H models are made for Z-collapsible truck crane, its main difference from other models is that it has two asymmetric teeth. This makes possible for the polyp-grab to lay on the arm of the truck crane at rest reducing the footprint.

The hydraulic polyp-grab POT P is an equipment with horizontal cylinders for excavators.

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