Flexibility and attention to the real needs of our customers lead us to develop, together with our partners,
the “Power-pack” project, that is the best expression of versatility in industrial and agricultural fields.
A studied, created and tested packaged system for the numerous applications, i.e. an engine… ready to start.

Power pack is a product designed for customers, needing:

  • Emissionized engine according to the European Stage 3a USA Tier 3 Directive and ready for Tier 4;
  • Engines corresponding to the European regulations on the sound level;
  • A complete solution;
  • Easy to install on any self – propelled machinery;
  • Costs reduction of the machine development (complete engine group);
  • Ready to start;
  • Complete engine range from 19kW TO 186kW

The hybrid system for the OEM manufacturing customers is the innovative reply to the market needs, about a more silent and performing engine, ECO – friendly and oriented to the Green economy: principles we do share.
Nowadays we are able to offer to the market a complete range of hybrid Systems, able to meet every request, combining the advantages of a variable-capacity diesel engine with a permanent magnet(s) generator (PMG) and one high voltage inverter (300/400 VAC), into a hybrid compact system, conceived to be ready- for- use, PLUG & PLAY.

Features and benefits

  • Downgrading to a lower diesel engine class (compared to a traditional system);
  • Consumptions and emissions reduction, by working on the optimization of fuel consumption;
  • Downgrading to a lower emission class, avoiding the post – treatment systems of exhaust gas (SCR), if applicable;
  • Automatic Start & stop system, preventing the engine to work at the minimum, when it is without load;
  • The engine starts automatically working on load demand;
  • Dynamic Power Boost system, during accelerations phases and charge surges;
  • Possibility to use the equipment in closed spaces, exploiting the diesel engine, exclusively for batteries recharge;
  • Inverter able to generate 380/400 VAC in high voltage;
  • All available rates (50/60/400 Hz)


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